UFB Internet

Maintenance - New network & BNG routing changes - 18/01


Maintenance has been successfully completed. Minor changes will continue to be made to perfect traffic paths and optimise latency within the new network.
If you are experiencing connectivity issues, please turn off your router for 5 minutes and power back on before making contact with our team.

Maintenance Planned

Following prior maintenance and successful completion of the preperation of routing changes for our new network, this maintenance window will have us perform changes to the network to bring our new network into service for specific customer routes. This will involve changes to public route advertisements for specific subnets and changes to internal routing and connectivity to specific BNGs, including those customers connected to:

  • bng1-akl1
  • bng1-chc2
  • bng1-quic
  • bng2-quic
  • bng3-quic

While this maintenance is taking place, customers homed on these BNGs can expect some connectivity interruptions and less preferable traffic paths while routing is moved across to the new network.