UFB Internet

Incident - Fibre Break Auckland-Hamilton Path - 09/04


Primary AKL-HLZ path has been restored into service following fibre repairs.


Update 5:
Contractor has exposed enough cable at either side of damage to begin repairs. Technicians have run out cable and 32mm subduct, and the Southern joint is being installed. Prepping the Northern joint for installation.


Update 4:
Repair materials are on site and once the excavations are completed they will prepare the fibres and overlay the damaged section. Further updates to follow.


Update 3:
OSP Tech has located the damage on Hingaia Road done by a digger, further updates to follow on plans and ETR.


Update 1: Fibre Fault Confirmed.
OSP team has been engaged by Transmission DevOps Team to locate the suspected fibre fault, which is 25km from VODM site.
Update 2: Downer OSP Techs are searching the area for damage fibre to locate any traces of damage, further updates to follow.

Problem Identified

Customers in the Hamilton area may have experienced a brief disruption to service due to a faulty transport path AKL<->HLZ.
This path has now been removed from service and connectivity restored over a backup path.
This will remain under observation to ensure primary transport is stable before bringing back into service.
We apologise for any inconvenience.